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Tree Agate Crystal Gemstone Bracelet, Healing Crystal, Calms Nerves, Stress Relief, Mental Function Improved, Strength, Positive Energy

Tree Agate Crystal Gemstone Bracelet, Healing Crystal, Calms Nerves, Stress Relief, Mental Function Improved, Strength, Positive Energy

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Tree Agate – Emotional Healing Properties

Tree agate in quartz is a bundle of numerous emotional healing abilities.

Calm Nerves – Tree agate is considered to be the stone which brings inner peace. It calms the nerves and if combined with clear quartz, it proves to be a Talisman for deep meditation and prayer. As your nerves are calmed you are able to focus to the oneness, dissolve egoism and arrogance.

Heals Geopathic Stress – Due to its strong connection with the nature, tree agate, proves to be a healer for geopathic stress as it emits calming and centering energies into the environment. It also helps those who are involved with conservation projects.

Improves Mental Functions – Tree agate not only calms down the nerves but also helps in improving mental functions. It brings clarity and stability in mind, overcomes the negative emotions and infuses love into the chakras. The quiet energy of tree agate makes the body subtle and this characteristic of tree agate helps in achieving stability and balance in almost all the aspects of life. The most important feature of tree agate is that it works on the root cause rather than symptom. This might be the slow and deliberate process but the impact proves to be lasting.

Strengthens Relationships – With the energies present in the tree agate the personal who possess it feels easy to get out of emotional pains and resolve the emotional problems. The stone infuses the energies which prove to be the healer for the person who is facing the difficult time with relationships. With the help of tree agate the person is able to resolve the conflicts, disagreements and quarrels as well as it also helps in getting rid of the antagonism, hostility and the animosity. Things like conflicts, disagreements, quarrels, antagonism, hostility and animosity are the biggest hurdles in the any relationship. This stone also inspires the person to take initiative as far as intimacy and romance is considered. Person possessing the tree agate never hesitates in doing something in their romantic and sexual life.

Infuses Positive Energy – By removing the negative energy, calming down the nerve and by providing the best meditation, tree agate makes room for more positive energy in every aspect of the life of the person who carries it. There will be more love, kindness and forgiveness in the person who carries it. With the negative energy around you, the person is not able to grow personally as well as professionally.

-Gemstones Are 6mm
-Fits 6-9 inch wrists or Ankles.
-Bracelet Is made On Elastic Core Which Stretches.
- Simply Choose Our Luxurious Gift Box Or Not In The Variations Tab.

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